Where are we up to with design and production?

Matt Gow - Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In our commitment to developing the most dynamic skates available we have recently made significant product design changes. The product we will go to market with will be significantly different to anything previously shown on our website or elsewhere in the media. The changes will not only improve performance but will also reduce some of our manufacturing, processes and component costs.

A few months ago we were testing alternative configurations in the interest of protecting our existing patents and securing further ones. We discovered something that worked better so we decided go with the changes before cutting moulds for the smaller sizes. We have also made the necessary changes to our existing moulds for the large size and have already made and tested some samples. At this stage we are not going to say much more than that, but newsletter subscribers will be the first to know more.

Also in an earlier newsletter Issue #4 we mentioned that to ensure consistently high quality we were modifying the production method and the mould for the wheel. Although those production modifications were successful in reducing rejects, they increased the weight of the wheel too much. Now we have come up with another production method which we tried for the smaller 20 inch wheel. This approach was very successful, so we have now modified the larger 24 inch wheel mould as well. The result is a lighter wheel that we are very happy with.

There have also been modifications to the lay ups of some of the other main components to improve strength and reliability.

Although we are working with one of the worlds leading carbon composite manufactures (a company with lots of experience in carbon bicycle frames and tennis rackets) this product has never been made before so we are learning all the time. We want to get it as right as possible before going to market. The last thing any of us want is to have product recalls.